Christina is a Certified Therapeutic Musician (CTM) using the healing elements of live music and sound.

Harp therapy is an ancient art.  Therapeutic music performed on a harp on-site is a service instead of performance.  The presentation of live harp music is different from listening to a CD or taped music in that live music can be delivered addressing the patient’s breathing patterns and can be slowed at will. Familiar or improvisational music is played on the harp with specific tones, vibrations and rhythms customized in the moment to the needs of the patient, hospice, group or staff in health care.

Children with harps

Studies have shown the majority of patients who had live music at bedside indicated that it was relaxing for them and they wanted more.  One study showed 89% of those in pain indicated that the live music had helped them become less aware of the pain; many reported complete cessation of their pain.  Regardless of someone’s religious beliefs, place of origin or life’s challenge, the timbre and vibrations of the harp helps relax and bring relief from pain.

Therapy harp and patient

Patient with lap harp.

The Ukulele instrument in therapeutic music can be hands on with a patient helping relieve their anxiety and promote a non-threatening activity.  Using it with sing-along for memory care patients and residents brings a joyful and familiar time.  Harp Ukulele combines the sweet ukulele sound with harp like resonance and overtones. Christina Cotruvo’s article Harp Ukulele for Therapeutic Music in the Folk Harp Journal Summer 2020 issue:  Harp Ukulele Folk Harp Journal Summer 2020 article

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Seminars are available in person or Zoom.

Are you a musician or facility that wants to bring a better understanding of how to apply music to bring comfort and reduce anxiety for your patients or students? Or do you or your organization need assistance in adapting an instrument or music score and lesson plans for someone with special needs?

Christina will customize a seminar for music teachers, organizations, facilities, conferences and education facilities to fit your needs.