Sea Serenade








Sea Serenade
Lever Harp and Songbook Arrangements

Nine sea songs of the heart from 19th to early 20th centuries

Beautiful Isle of the Sea
Dalmatian Cradle Song
Dorian Dawn
Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still
In Haven (Capri)
Let it Shine on Me
The Mermaid
The Old Musician and his Harp
Who Can Sail Without a Wind?

This music book is two sections; Section One lever harp arrangements and Section Two lead sheet arrangements.  Harp arrangements recommended for advanced beginner to intermediate skills.  Key signatures C, F and G and their modes.  Notated lever changes on C, F and B strings. Note range C1 – D6.  No fingerings. Lead sheet arrangements with chords and lyrics.  PDF format.  36 pages.

Sheet music sample

Sheet music sample







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